DHCD Announces Acceptance of Energy Code Modifications

April 20, 2017

In a letter addressed to all Maryland Building Officials, the Department of Housing and Community Development announced yesterday that pursuant to the authority granted in COMAR 05.02.07 they will now be accepting modifications to the IECC as long as such modification does not weaken the code. This announcement is generally viewed as a major help to local jurisdications by allowing the local official to modify the Energy Code. Prior to the change in the Maryland Performance Standard on January 1, 2015 local officials were not allowed any modifications to the Energy Code removing any flexibility to address such items as "energy neutral tradeoffs". Over the past few years, officials from MBOA, led by President Bill Funk, and officials from the Maryland Building Industry Association (MBIA) have been meeting with the department to help finalize certain aspects of this program. The cooperation and collaberation between MBOA, MBIA, and the department is largely responsible for the development of this policy. DHCD Letter to local Officials