Codes & Standards Committee

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aryland Legislation of interest:

SB0618 Hydraulic elevators in privately owned buildings
SB0044 Changing Facilities for Adult Diapers
SB0012 Professional Engineers - qualifications for licensure
SB0276 Building Opportunity Act of 2020 - public school improvements
SB0299 Maryland Sustainable Buildings Act of 2020 - reduce lighting in existing State buildings to minimize adverse impacts on birds
SB0371 Testing drinking water outlets in schools for lead levels every 18 months
SB0401 The Accessible to All Act - Single occupancy public restrooms - gender-inclusive markings
SB0655 Repeal of High Performance/Green Building standards for Community Colleges and Public Schools
SB0746 OSFM Enforcement of sprinklers in 1 and 2 family dwellings
SB0258 Public Schools - Retractable partitions
SB0994 Maryland Electricians Act 2020
HB0153 Maryland Building Performance Standards

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f you would like MBOA to follow legislation not listed above, please contact Patsy Warnick at to have it added to the list.